Brühler Schlosskonzerte Association: Become a member

Good music requires good friends

The members of the charitable association “Brühler Schlosskonzerte e.V.” provide the fundamental support for the Brühler Schlosskonzerte, which over the past 60 years has stood as one of the premier summertime events in the Rhineland’s cultural landscape. A large portion of our expenses are covered by the sale of tickets, yet high art remains a largely subsidized undertaking. For this reason, we count on our good friends.

In order to secure the future of this renowned series of concerts, we depend on your support through donations or by joining the Brühler Schlosskonzerte assocoation.

Your benefits as a member:

For 50 euros per year (or 90 euros for couples and 500 euros for corporate bodies) you can become a part of our members’ circle.
Our enrolment form can be found here. Our bylaws can be downloaded here.

The membership dues and all other donations are tax-deductible within Germany.
Donations Account with the Kreissparkasse Köln · IBAN: DE45 3705 0299 0133 0164 79 · BIC: COKSDE33XXX

If you would like to become a member or receive additional information, please feel free to get in touch.


Board of Trustees


Honorary Artistic & Managing Director

Förderkreis Brühler Schlosskonzerte e.V.

In November 2000, the “Förderkreis Brühler Schlosskonzerte e.V.” (Supporter’s Circle of the Brühler Schlosskonzerte) was formed. Individuals and institutions, many of whom have already supported the Brühler Schlosskonzerte over many years as early members of the Board of Trustees, have joined forces with newly engaged sponsors to broaden the financial bedrock of the Brühler Schlosskonzerte and ensure its long-term success.

The artistic leadership and management of the Brühler Schlosskonzerte are deeply grateful for the engagement of the members of the Board of Trustees of the Förderkreis Brühler Schlosskonzerte e.V., as well as the board of the supporting association of the Brühler Schlosskonzerte.


Dr. Eberhard Vetter (Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH)

Board of Trustees