Sat 16. November
14.00 h - 20.00 h Galerie am Schloss

Admission free

Öffentliche Probe 

Public rehearsals

Anna-Lena Elbert (Soprano)
Anna Kunze (Alto)
Leonhard Reso (Tenor)
Christoph Maletzko (Bass)
Capella Augustina

This rehearsal of our festival orchestra Capella Augustina is open to the public. Members of the public may come and go as they please throughout the rehearsal. Simply come in – the doors to the rehearsal hall will be open, and as long as there are free seats available, you are welcome to stay and listen. You will experience a conductor and his orchestra working (in jeans and t-shirts) preparing for the next concert in Schloss Augustusburg. Address: Galerie am Schloss, Schlossstraße 25 in Brühl.

Rehearsal of the programme “Bach at four I“:

›Du Friedefürst, Herr Jesu Christ‹ BWV 116,
Kantate zum 25. Sonntag nach Trinitatis

›Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan‹ BWV 99,
Kantate zum 15. Sonntag nach Trinitatis


Galerie Am Schloss
Galerie am Schloss