Sat 24. August
19.30 h Schlosskirche Price: € 27 (incl. fireworks)

Haydn-Festival, Feuerwerk 

Haydn in Paris

Hamburger Ratsmusik
Simone Eckert (Pardessus de Viole, Baryton, Viola da gamba and Conductor)

Haydn’s music enjoyed great success in Paris. What could Haydn himself have heard in the great French metropolis, if the turmoil of the French Revolution hadn’t impeded his travel there? Paris was a playground for music lovers, aristocrats and citizens, but also for visitors from abroad. Even the gambist and baritone player Carl Friedrich Abel found a podium here on his concert tour. Through him the baritone became known in France. The Hamburger Ratsmusik ensemble ensures we can more than just imagine how it must have sounded at the time. In the palace church in Brühl, an original Pardessus de Viole will be heard which originates from the Dynastie Gaviniès, a French family of musicians and violin makers from the 18th century.

Suite für Viola, Viola da gamba, Violoncello und Gitarre

JOSEPH HAYDN (1732–1809)
Trio Nr. 52 d-Moll Hob. XI:52 für Baryton, Viola und Violoncello

Trio Nr. 87 a-Moll Hob. XI:87 für Baryton, Viola und Violoncello

JEAN BARRIÈRE (1707–1747)
Sonata IV G-Dur für Pardessus de Viole und Basso continuo

Sonate c-Moll A2:60A für Viola da gamba und Bass


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