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Fascination Haydn

Capella Augustina
Andreas Spering

After the debut of his Tenth London Symphony No. 99 in 1794, all of Europe bowed at Joseph Haydn’s feet. Exactly like its sister works created two years earlier during Haydn’s first London trip, it is full of humor, inventiveness, and finessed instrumentation. London was also the site of the premiere of Franz Schubert’s 3rd Symphony, although first in 1891 - not only more than 75 years after its creation, but more than 60 years after the death of its composer. The new work from Walter Zimmerman won’t have to wait so long for its world premiere. It is inspired by the fact that Haydn also composed six country dances in England which have been lost today.

JOSEPH HAYDN (1732–1809)
Sinfonie Es-Dur Hob. I:99

›Six country dances lost‹
World premiere – Composition commissioned by the Haydn Festival

FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797–1828)
Sinfonie Nr. 3 D-Dur


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