Sun 27. August
19.30 h St. Margareta Prices M: 37 / 32 / 27 / 22 / 17 / 12 € (fireworks included)

Haydn-Festival, Feuerwerk 

War and Peace

Theresa Nelles (soprano)
Charlotte Quadt (alto)
Nico Heinrich (tenor)
Frederik Schauhoff (bass)
Clara Blessing (oboe)

Vox Bona
Karin Freist-Wissing

The seventeen church sonatas are an exception within Mozart’s instrumental compositions. These short, concentrated, imaginative pieces originally served as musical interludes in the masses at the Salzburg Cathedral and later as independent concertante jewels in their own right. For the opening of our festive concert in St. Margareta the Sonata in G major KV 274 will ring out, followed by an oboe concert belonging to those countless works attributed to Haydn without the certainty of his authorship. To close, one of the programme’s most beautiful, powerful and poignant orchestral masses from Haydn: the “Missa in tempore belli“ (…in times of war), also called the “timpani mass“ due to its dark and menacing timpani beats in the closing Agnus Dei with the timeless, prevailing appeal for peace. Performing is the multi-award winning chamber choir from the Kreuzkirche in Bonn, Vox Bona.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791)
Church sonata No. 13 in G major KV 274

Joseph Haydn (1732–1809) attributed
Oboe Concerto in C major Hob. VIIg:C1 for oboe and orchestra

Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
“Missa in Tempore belli“ (“Timpani mass“) Hob. XXII:9

Your ticket to this concert also gains you entrance to the 10pm closing fireworks in the palace gardens, and a place on the terrace to view them. The concert will end in time to see the beginning of the fireworks.


St Margareta
St. Margareta