Sun 27. August
19.30 h Schloss Augustusburg Preise D: 75 / 65 / 55 / 45 / 25 / 15 € (fireworks included)

Haydn-Festival, Feuerwerk 

Haydn‘s Orpheus

Johanna Winkel, Euridice (soprano)
Robin Tritschler, Orfeo (tenor)
Thomas Bauer, Creonte (bass)
Sunhae Im, Genio (soprano)

Augustina vocale
Capella Augustina
Andreas Spering

Haydn’s last opera is based on the Orpheus myth as told by Ovid in his “Metamorphoses”. Unlike Monteverdi’s and Gluck’s successful works on the same theme, Haydn’s adaptation seems ill-fated. One version based on an Italian libretto and commissioned from the impressario John Gallini for the King’s Theatre in London in 1791 couldn’t be staged, as quarrelling between King George III and the Prince of Wales had blocked production. Not until 1951(!) did the first performance take place, in Florence with Maria Callas and Boris Christoff under the direction of Erich Kleiber. What’s more, it remains unknown to this day if Haydn had actually completed the opera or not. What he left behind, however, is certainly a high point in his craft as a whole and best suited for a concertante performance.

Joseph Haydn (1732–1809)
“L’Anima del Filosofo ossia Orfeo ed Euridice“ Hob. XXVIII:13

Your ticket to this concert also gains you entrance to the 10pm closing fireworks in the palace gardens, and a place on the terrace to view them. The concert will end in time to see the beginning of the fireworks.


Schloss Augustusburg
Schloss Augustusburg

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