Sat 10. June
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Saison 2017 

Barokoko – from Baroque to Classical


In 1680, Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber was the best violinist in Salzburg, while in 1770 Karl Kohaut was celebrated as the best Viennese lute player. Biber’s “table music“ is music of the high Baroque; Kohaut’s delicate, rococo-like, playful lute concerto is music of the early classical era. Between these two cornerstones we have, among many others, a charming oboe concert from Vivaldi and one of the most exceptional Telemann concertos for four violins “senza Basso“ (without bass). Performing is the Dutch ensemble Combattimento, which emerged from the renowned Combattimento Consort Amsterdam.

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (1644–1704)
Pars I in D major C 69 from the table music piece “Mensa Sonora“ for 2 violins, viola and basso continuo

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681–1767)
Concerto for 4 violins in D major TWV 40:202

Antonio Vivaldi (1678–1741)
Concerto in G major RV 545 for oboe, violoncello, strings and basso continuo

Karl Kohaut (1726–1784)
Concerto in F major for lute and strings

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1710–1784)
Sinfonia in F major 67 “Dissonant” for strings and basso continuo


Schloss Augustusburg
Schloss Augustusburg

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